Friday, January 9, 2015

# #kayeveryday2015

#kayeveryday week 1

Hello there! Can you believe we are already done with the first week of January?! 2015 is already flying by, before we know it, it will be Christmas time…ok ok, let's not get ahead of ourselves shall we? 

I had a pretty great week celebrating my last week of Fun-Employment before school starts up again on Monday!

day 1: we celebrated mike's last day of vacation with a cuddle session on the couch with our new houseguest

day 2: bubs exploring his new playground!
day 3: girls night out with my mother in law, sister in law, and mother in law in law, it was a blast watching dirty dancing on broadway! 
day 4: it was weekly sunday night hockey, so i bundled up in my 4 layers, 2 blankets and scarf to cheer on my man! 

day 5: brother sister date night at outback steakhouse! full of cocktails, shirley temples, great food and even greater company

day 6: i was out late and mike had briefly come home to eat dinner before heading back in to work that night, but not before he remembered to turn the porch light on for me. makes me so grateful that i have such a thoughtful fiancĂ© who thinks of me even when i'm not around

day 7: we took an evening stroll down 1st street and bubba had such a fun time walking along the water. i just love living in a town that leaves christmas lights up all year round :)

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I hope you all had just as amazing first week of the year as I did! Happy January! 

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