Thursday, July 12, 2018

MILEStones Month 2

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I cannot believe it has already been TWO months! The first month flew by but the second went by equally as fast. We had a couple rough weeks where Miles would cry And not just newborn cry, but I could tell he was just not comfortable. So we took him in and our doctor told us he definitely had colic. She gave us some medicine to give him and thankfully that helped him a ton. After it got settled into his system we had a full week where he didn't cry at all! This mama was extremely grateful for the few extra naps I was able to get in! He is now back to crying throughout the day, just thankfully not near as much as he was before. He is starting to sleep a lot better too! We usually get about 4.5 hours the first stretch-(a handful of times we've gotten 5.5 or even 6 hours a couple of times!), and 2.5 hours after the middle of the night feeding. So for him not even being two months yet, we are grateful for that!

All in all it has been a great month! He had his first round of shots and I was so nervous for him!! There is no worse sound that his first scream of pain when they pricked him. It was awful! When I first heard that scream and he was looking up at me, I almost started to tear up, but I told myself I couldn't let him see me upset-be strong mama! But after the initial prick, Dad gave him to me and I nursed him and he calmed down. But then the doctor came back in and had to put some liquid nitrogen on his belly button because some remnants of the cord was still there and we wanted to get rid of it. So we have to do a few weekly treatments to get rid of it. So not only did he have one oral vaccines, three in the leg, but also liquid nitrogen on his belly button-he was so brave! I never knew I could be proud of such a small human! You go Miles Man!

Month Two MILEStones

I weigh 11 Pounds 14.5 Ounces
I stand 23.5 Inches Tall
I have zero teeth
I had my first real smiles this month!
I am extremely chatty first thing in the morning and right after bath time
I am starting to push gas and Mommy and Daddy can tell when it's happening
My hands have found my face and I often rub a hand down it when I'm sleepy
I fit in my SIXTH months clothes...which makes Mommy really sad...

A few of my Month Two Highlights...

Mommy says this is the happiest time of her life so far

Hanging with Mommy and Mimi

I won't be able to do this much longer

Mommy and her two boys

Can we get this show on the road, please? 
I love tub time!

Hey ladies, I'm single

First smiles caught on camera!

I was excited to go for a ride!

Tummy Time with Mommy

It really is....

I love hanging out with Mommy in the mornings

Mimi took this after one of my tubs

Hanging with my best pal Isaac!

Mommy says she loves my big ol cheeks

Mommy kept rocking me so I could get a nice nap in, Bubba helped too

I love the mornings!
Story Time with Mommy

I got a good nights sleep!
Mom, stop taking so many pictures...

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

MILEStones Month 1

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I am a little late to the party, but to be honest, that first month after bringing little man home was a liiiiitle crazy, (that may be the understatement of the year), and I didn't have a chance to blog. But that first month was so life changing, I decided I have to blog about it so we can always remember it.

It is true what they say, those first few weeks are Survival Mode, and I couldn't agree more. Those first couple weeks I was averaging about 3 hours of sleep a night. For some reason that first week Miles did not want to sleep AT ALL during the night. We were so tired that we were able to take naps during the day with him, but there really is no tired like "new parent" tired. I would send my mom pictures and she waited to tell me weeks later that I had 'triple bags under my eyes,' (her words, not mine). But looking back on that first month, and despite how tired I was, it still is amazing to me how tiny he was, how snuggly he was, and how my heart was changed forever. I never knew that I was capable of loving someone as much as I love Miles. I've heard it all my life, that you never really know unconditional love until you have kids, and I now understand what they were talking about. I count my blessings every day that God was so good to us, blessing us with a pregnancy, and a healthy baby. It is something I will be grateful for every day of my life. 

Month One MILEStones

I weigh 10 Pounds 2 Ounces (Exactly 2 pounds heavier than I was when I born!)
I stand 22.5 inches tall (my cone-head is all gone!)
I have zero teeth
I love hanging out on my changing table and I love baths!
I don't like being swaddled too tight
I can grab fingers really tight!

Here are some pictures of my first month home with Mommy and Daddy

Daddy took this at 3 in the afternoon-Mommy and I were tired!

Before and After :)

Daddy loves snuggling with me too :)

These were some of the triple bags Mimi was talking about

Swaddled for a nap 

Mom says my lips are her favorite, can you blame her?

One of the first small smiles Mommy caught on camera

Sleeping on Mommy is one of my favorite things to do

Ready for one of my first outings! 
The yellow jaundice in my eye still hadn't gone away :(

I promise Daddy is happy, he is just really tired

I'm perfecting the art of sleeping

Meeting my best friend Jacob and Auntie Meagan for the first time!

Mommy says soon I'll be too big for this :(

One of my favorite memories from my first month was watching Uncle Nick graduate!


I think I like this lady

 Happy One Month Miles!!

Monday, July 9, 2018

My Brother is a GRADUATE!!

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A few weeks ago we celebrated my amazing brother and his huge accomplishment of graduating! Graduating is no easy task-everyone has their own journey, and my brother had a pretty cool one! Not only did he graduate with a degree in Communications from Cal State East Bay, but he is graduating with a whole lot of amazing memories. Over the course of his college career, he has participated in some pretty spectacular things: He was part of the Las Positas Forensics team the Talk Hawks, where he got to travel the world and spent some time in BELGIUM for a competition, he was cast in a number of musical theatre shows, such as Phantom of the Country Opera, and even STARRED in She Loves Me at Cal State East Bay, and he made some pretty amazing friends along the way. He accomplished all this while working almost full time, participated in a multitude of other theatre shows, and still managed to see his lame older sister once in awhile ;) I honestly couldn't be prouder of him for always working hard, pushing through when he didn't want to, and to finish what he started. Yes, I am the older sister, but I look up to him in so many ways. 

On Graduation Day

So in order to celebrate this huge achievement, Mike and I decided to throw him a Graduation Party to celebrate him! We had lots of food, some corn hole, good friends, and just a down right good time!

Nick and his Crew

Miles is so proud of his Uncle Nick!

Friends from elementary and high school!

The Fam Bam

They haven't missed a milestone yet!

Two of my favorite people 

Nick and Kai go back to elementary school!

The most important men in my life

We love Mimi!

Some of his wonderful college friends!

Nick and his gal

Just because he's the graduate doesn't mean I let him win at Corn Hole

Thanks so much to everyone for making the trek out to celebrate Nick!

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