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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Work It Wednesday

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Happy Hump Day folks! I hope ya'll had a wonderful long weekend. For those of us who work in the school system, we got a 3 day weekend-holla! I don't know about you, but do you guys get giddy at the thought of the after holiday sales?! Well, this chick right here totally does. Now that we are getting older with each passing year, I tend to receive gift cards for the holidays because it just makes it easy. And this blonde may or may not have a birthday 5 days after Christmas, so the gift cards seem to roll in. So I can definitely take advantage of the after holiday sales, and this year I did just that.

I am coooooompletely obsessed with one of the items I purchased and that is the blardigan from Nordstrom. It is amazing, fantastic, cozy, snuggly, stylish, and I wear it at least 3 times a week. Yes people, 3 times a week. Don't judge. It is that amazing. So amazing I wanted to feature it on the blog today. 

Keep in mind, I am a short 5 foot 3 inches, kinda a shorty. So the blardigan does fall a little long on me, but normally it falls right at the knees. Here I am wearing the blardigan with leggings and my new Ivanka Trump boots (also purchased during the post holiday sale and still on SALE), which are amazing. The calves are made out of stretchy material, so for people with soccer calves like me, these boots are your best friends because they aren't tight and they form perfectly to fit your body. Highly recommend these boots! And of course I'm rocking some Premier bling. 

This is a must have staple for your wardrobe, I promise, once you buy it you will wonder how you lived your entire life without it. It's super warm and comfy and makes life so simple-throw it over a cami with leggings and boots and you're out the door. 

Let me know what ya'll think of this cozy look! 

Friday, January 16, 2015

Premier Party

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Do you ever have those days that make you so blessed to be alive? Well, I hope you have-because I had one of those days this past weekend! It was my first Premier Rally and as I was on my way up to Sacramento, I was a little nervous and not sure what to expect. But as I walked into the Grand Ballroom where our rally was being held, I was instantly overwhelmed. There were 600 screaming women-literally 600 screaming women-who were so decked out in bling and just looked so happy to be there. Even though there was blaring music and crazy women, I didn't feel intimidated at all and I had a feeling it was going to be a great day. 

The day consisted of trainings on how to grow your business, how to form lasting relationships with your hostesses, but mostly it was empowering us to be not just better women for our business, it was empowering us to be better women for the world. Premier is deeply rooted in the Bible, and to hear scriptures about how God has a plan for us and wants the best for us, it was such a great reminder about how awesome our God is. It was really cool to not only learn more about the company but to have such inspiring women share their stories about how God was working in their life and how He has a plan for me.

now if that doesn't inspire you, i don't know what will

I need to take the time to brag about my Premier Mama for a second. Her name is Karen Heston, and she is a firecracker, and I love her. She has been selling Premier for 10 years and is a complete rockstar. She has taught me so much and is just such a light to be around and makes everyone around her happy. Now that's a pretty special person if you ask me. 

my premier mama-isn't she gorg?!
my premier sister angela and my mama karen
But the highlight of the day was the unveiling of our new Spring Collection. Picture this: 600 women, who are obsessed with bling, flocking to various tables to get a view of the new line. Good luck trying to squeeze in there, those women were like vultures, they needed to get their looksies and no one was going to get in their way! I kid, but seriously, everyone was so excited. It was so fun being surrounded by so many people who were excited and passionate about the same thing. 

how cute is that display?!

i am completely mildly obsessed with this watch

the earrings on the right are made out of real shells

love love LOVE this turquoise necklace!
Throughout the day, they were raffling off prizes, such as $100 in jewelry, $250 in jewelry, free registration for our National Rally in Texas, a half line of the new jewelry (heck yeah!) and the FULL LINE of the new jewelry collection!! They saved the last two for the very end of the day. Because the full line was a giveaway of over $2,000, they decided to create as much suspense as possible. So they had all 600 of us stand up and listen for our number, and once it wasn't yours, you were to sit down until there was one person standing. As they read the first number, I was like, "cool, I have that number," second number, "huh, I have that number too," once they read the third number and it matched mine, my palms became sweaty and butterflies instantly appeared. Before I knew it, they had finished reading all of the numbers, and in a room full of 600 people, I was the only one standing…..I WON!!!!!! I had won the FULL LINE OF OUR SPRING COLLECTION!!!! Karen and Angela were sitting right next to me and freeeeeeeeaked out! So I ran up to the front of the room as the women on the aisles were high fiving me and they handed me a giant box of goodies. I could not believe it, it was such a fun and exciting surprise and made me very thankful. 

that is pure excitement right there folks
After leaving the rally feeling so empowered and inspired, I came home to a wonderful surprise from my future hubby. Not only had he cooked a yummy dinner, he had also gone out, framed, and hung a gift that we received at our Engagement Party that I have been meaning to hang but haven't gotten around to it. It was such a nice surprise to know that he was thinking about me while I was gone and wanted to do something for me. It was a perfect end to such a great day, and I went to sleep that night feeling so grateful and blessed. 

i mean, how cute is this?!

the hubs did good

Now that you know I have the full Spring Line of jewelry, you know who to call if you want to be hooked up with FREE BLING!!! I hope this post finds you all happy, healthy, and feeling blessed. Happy Friday friends, and have a fabulous weekend!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bling Into Spring

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Helloooo! And welcome to Day 2 of Bling Week! For all of you that read yesterdays Super Special Sunday Post, you know that I am selling amazing jewelry-which gives you the chance to earn free bling! Very very cool if you ask me, and today, I have a very special announcement! Ready?! Drum Roll please…….(I'm all about the drum rolls lately for some reason)………


I know, I can hardly stand it myself. The jewelry is fantastic and so beautiful! When they unveiled it and we got to see it for the first time, you should have seen me, I was like a kid in a candy store. I didn't know how to contain myself! I wanted to touch it, try it on, take it home with me-yeah, they were that amazing. And do you want the best news yet?! THESE FANTASTIC PIECES CAN BE YOURS-FREE!!! Yes, it is true, all you have to do is host a party and the free bling will be yours-but that is yesterday's news-literally. 

But wait, there is even more great news. I know I know, time to get out your paper bag and start breathing into it. But hey, I'm your Fairy Bling Mother, right? And I figured your Monday could use a little good news…Ready…….


Which means….this amazing Spring Collection will be present at YOUR jewelry show! No more wondering if a piece will look good on you, no more trusting the catalog, no more! Now you will have the opportunity to try on every piece, dress it up to see if it will work for you. Now, how much fun does that sound? I am excited just thinking about it, just think how excited you will be to actually play with it! 

This will be the perfect way to vamp up your Spring and Summer wardrobe with just a few easy pieces. Just think how easy life will be, all you have to do is throw on a solid tank top, add one of these pops-of-color-necklaces, a couple bangel bracelets, and your look is complete! 

Here is a look into some of the fabulous pieces that were just debuted!!

i mean, who doesn't love a little bit of coral and teal in their spring wardrobe?!

a little bit of neon to add a pop of color to your wardrobe goes a long way…ps yes, that watch is reversible. mind. blown. 

this necklace can be worn 3 different ways!

i mean, these 2 necklaces speak for themselves, amiright?!

Now, if this didn't entice you to host a party, I don't know what will! To get you in the mood, go ahead and browse the catalog-yours free when you visit my personal website!!

Enter your information and the access code is 0510

I hope this put you in the mood for Spring-I know we are still in January, but a little bit of Spring Sunshine never hurt anyone, right?! Feel free to contact me with details! I would love to answer any questions you may have! :)

Bling It On

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Here Ye Here Ye!! I am officially dubbing this week…drum roll please……BLING WEEK!! This week will consist of everything you need to know about my new business. Yes, you heard right, my new business-and it is a doozy and so much fun! I am a proud member of the Premier Designs Family and I am absolutely loving it. What is Premier Designs you ask? Fear no more, because I have the answer!…But I will go into it more in depth later in the week, but today, we have some serious talking to do. 

Alright people, I need you to sit down for this one and answer these few questions… 

1. Are you looking for new and simple ways to pump up your wardrobe? 

2. Would you love to have your own personal stylist to help you put together adorable looks?

3. Would you like an excuse to have a girls night?

4. Do you love FREE jewelry? 

If you answered YES to any of these 4 questions (and let's be real, I know ya'll answered yes to #4), then listen close! I have the answer to help you obtain not one, but ALL of these things…FOR FREE!!! And the answer is……ME!! You didn't think the answer would be so simple, did ya? Yes, little ole me can help you pump up your wardrobe, help you style adorable looks, entertain you and your girlfriends, AND give you free bling! Just call me your Fairy Bling-Mother. Before you spontaneously combust from all of this good news, let me tell you how this works!

All you have to do is tell me you would like to host a jewelry party and the rest is history. Once we get a date on the calendar, I show up at your house, set up my bling collection, do a little speel on how to wear the fabulous jewelry, you get to play with every piece in my collection, and at the end of the night-you will receive your pick of free bling!…Do I have your attention now?

Here are a couple perks of having a jewelry party hosted by muah:

1. It's the perfect opportunity for a girls night! Invite your girlfriends over for some sweet treats, wine and quality time - YES PLEASE

2. You get to shop for quality jewelry in the comfort of your own home! No stresses of fighting the masses in the mall to get a look at a pair of earrings with someone hovering right over you, this is a much more intimate environment

3. You have your own professional stylist giving you advice! I absolutely love this jewelry, and I love any excuse to dress you up and make your favorite outfit complete with some bling. I can show you multiple ways to wear the pieces and will help pick out pieces that suit your own personal style

4. This may be the best perk yet…you have the opportunity to earn TONS of FREE jewelry (and let's be real, who doesn't love free bling?!)! You can earn this simply by hosting a show, that is it. There is no retail requirement, you are not forced to buy a single piece, this will simply be given to you for hosting a party. Amazing right?! 

It is super easy and will make for a great night! I am so passionate about this new business venture, the products, and getting the chance to cultivate relationships with my hostesses. Once you host a party with me, you will be part of Kendra's VIP Club, which means you will receive special perks even better than what I mentioned above! Even if you live far away-fear not! We can have catalog shows which doesn't even require me to come to your home, you will earn free bling remotely!

So in closing, you totally should book a jewelry party with me. Let's just chalk it up to being a decision that will be not only good for your wallet, but good to your soul!! If you are interested, comment below or contact me directly and we can chat about more information! 

Check out my personal website to access our catalogs so you can take a look at our fabulous jewelry! Or if you are a Pinterest fan (come on, who isn't) click on the link to our direct pages! 

Click on browse the catalog, my access code is 0510

I hope this post got you as excited as I am about my new bling adventure, and I really hope to be able to come to your house and spoil you with a party! Please, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me for details!! Thanks for listening friends, looking forward to glamming ya'll up!! 

Here are a couple sneak peaks of our collection!

Sneak Peak into my post for tomorrow….our NEW SPRING COLLECTION HAS LAUNCHED!!!…..and it is FABULOUS!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Work Out Wednesday

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Well friends, it is the Year of the Wedding!! Holy cow, let me say that again after I pinch is the Year of the WEDDING!!! I can't believe it, to think in 8 short months, it will be here! And you know what that is serious butt kicking time. Aka bridal bootcamp aka shedding for the wedding aka get fit Kendra! Whatever you want to call it, it means this chick needs to get on a steady gym and healthy diet routine, stat. So I thought, what better way to keep myself accountable and pass along what works to you wonderful people, it would be a win win for everyone.

As mentioned in my New Years Resolution post, one of my resolutions is to work out at least 4 times a week. Now, I don't know about you, but as much as I love to be active, it is really hard to get on a workout routine and stick to it, especially when you are so busy. But I have found a couple tricks that have already helped and have gotten me excited about the Kick Butt Kendra I have embraced: 

1. Select days and times that work for you
In the past, I would only go to the gym 'if I felt like it', but let's be real, whoever really feels like it? So now I have picked set days and times to go, that way penciling it into my day as if it were a meeting or an obligatory event I had to attend, I would go. 

2. Check out the workout class schedule 
As mentioned above, I have chosen specific times to go, and right now, it is based around the fitness class schedule my gym offers. I'm alternating going to Spin Classes and Body Sculpt classes, which has given me a great balance of instructed cardio and weight training. On the days I go to Spin, I'll do weight training on my own, usually abs and legs. On the days I go to my Sculpt Classes, I make sure to do at least 30 minutes of cardio on my own either before or after the class. This has not only helped get me to the gym because I have specific classes to make, but I also know I am getting a solid workout in because I'm mixing it up

3. Shower at the gym 
I know some of you may be shaking your head going 'nuh uh no way.' But trust me, this has changed my whole mindset of going to the gym! I tend to go to the gym in the morning, and before, I would leave the gym and run my errands while I was all sweaty and I just felt gross all day. But now, I shower at the gym and it has given me a new sense of refreshment! Even if I don't wash my hair, I'll rinse off, get all clean, toss my hair up into a messy bun, change into my clean clothes and be ready for the day. It saves me so much time instead of going home, showering, going back out to do errands, it is a one stop shop and I leave the gym feeling so accomplished and refreshed! 

4. Don't get discouraged about your workout
I used to beat myself up when I would leave the gym and think 'I could have ran 10 more minutes,' or 'I could have lifted more' and would leave feeling discouraged. But instead of beating yourself up, be proud that you got your butt there! Whatever you did during your workout was more than you would have done sitting on the couch (insert Kendra sitting on the couch watching The Bachelor grubbin on a box of Cheez Its). So give yourself a pat on the back for getting there, it will all pay off in the end 

5. Go to the gym for YOU
I know I'm making a big deal of losing a couple pounds for this wedding of mine, but that shouldn't be and isn't my only motivation. Going to the gym is a lifestyle change and is something that makes me happy. I can totally see a difference in myself when I am on a solid gym routine versus when I am not. I tend to have more energy, sleep better, and am all around more productive. So don't just go to the gym because you want to see the scale drop, go because it makes you a better you 

In terms of diet...well I'll update you as we go along. Mike and I received a Ninja for Hanukkah from his parents and we've been making smoothies like its nobodies business. I'll post a few of our favorite recipes next week. I'm also going to be trying this detox water...I'll let you know how that one turns out too...

All in all, I know many of us are trying to get on the workout bandwagon, so let's all do it together and encourage each other! Have any fun workout tips, del free to post them in the comments-every little bit helps!! 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

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Happy Monday friends! I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing weekend! Mine was filled with the gym, dog walks, and a very exciting girls night out! Back in July-yes, July-my sister in law asked me what I was doing on January 3rd...not having planned my calendar 6 months in advance, I told her I could probably pencil her in ;) Come to find out, she scored a pretty sweet deal on Groupon for tickets to Dirty Dancing on Broadway and wanted to get a group together to celebrate her birthday. I told her she had me at 'I carried a watermelon' - if you don't get that reference, then we seriously need to talk. Seriously. Now. So I told her to count me in! Fast forward 6 months and it was here! Theresa (my sis in law), invited her friends from her mothers group, her mom, her mother in law, and me, 17 people later, dinner, cocktails and some Johnny Castle, it was sure to be a fun night.

paula (theresa's mother in law), meeee, theresa, sharon (my mother in law)
We grabbed dinner at a cool restaurant in Sacramento called Malabar, if you're ever in the area and are looking for a place to grab cocktails and a nice dinner, this is a great option-not fancy, but great food, and not too stuffy. Highly recommend it. After some cocktails and complimentary dessert for the birthday girls (our birthdays are 4 days apart), it was off to the show!

the birthday girls
Now, for those of you who speak my musical theatre language, then you must check out Community Center Theatre in Sacramento. It is a beautiful 3 tiered theatre that runs Broadway shows, and it is more affordable than the shows in San Francisco, and there are so many awesome restaurants downtown that you could definitely make a night of it. For all my theatre peeps, Jospeh and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (one of my all time favorites!) starring Ace Young, yep Ace Young the super handsome American Idol hunk and his adorable American Idol wife Diana DeGarmo, will be there later this month, and Cinderella will be there in May. I definitely recommend checking it out-and if you're looking for someone to go with, you know where to find me ;)

It was pretty cool sitting in a huge theatre with a bunch of women who all fell in love with Dirty Dancing at some point in their lives, because we all seemed to hoot and holler at the same parts. I have never heard an audience erupt louder than I did last night when Johnny says his famous line 'nobody puts baby in a corner.' It was awesome. It was a very fun night filled great company, awesome food, and a fabulous show!

we totally had the time of our lives!

Friday, January 2, 2015


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Hello and Happy New Year friends! I hope you all had a safe and fabulous time ringing in the New Year! I know I sure did! Mike and I decided to celebrate just the two of us (and our new houseguest-YES I finally have my Bubs back with me, and we are officially a family of 3!), so we made homemade fondue, snuggled in our PJS on the couch as we watched New Years Rockin Eve and kissed at midnight. It was heavenly. As wonderful as it was, we both said that in order to not be labeled as the "old married couple", next year we will definitely plan something to do next year-but that will come later!

i mean seriously, how cute is he?!?

Looking ahead to 2015, I have a feeling that it will be filled with so many wonderful memories, and the best way to document them is to do a daily posting. It will be called….drum roll pleeeeeease…..kayeverday2015 I will be documenting all the happenings that go on daily, and I have a feeling it will consist of a lot of wedding planning-I apologize in advance. So keep up with me everyday at #kayeveryday2015 to see what I'm up to through photos! 

#Kayeveryday2015 day 1
We were enjoying Mike's last day of vacation and were vegging on the couch and I caught my two boys snuggling. 

In the spirit of the New Year, this post wouldn't be complete without a couple New Years Resolutions. So here they are:

1. Not to sweat the small stuff 
I have a little trouble worrying about things that are out of my control, so I am going to work even harder this year to Let Go and Give It To God, He won't steer me wrong

2. Go to the gym at least 4 times a week  
We are officially 232 days away from the Wedding Day people, 232 DAYS!! Bridal Boot Camp and Shedding for the Wedding has been kicked into full gear, and I plan to seriously kick butt

3. Be Happy 
I know this is super lame, but I believe that if you make an effort to see the good in people, in situations, life will undoubtably be sweeter

What are your New Years Resolutions? I would love to hear, so that way we can encourage each other on them! Wishing you all a fabulous start to your New Year and hoping you kick butt on those resolutions! 

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