Friday, August 29, 2014

Quake Kit

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Well, based on my last 2 posts this week, it is no secret that I was seriously spooked by that dang earthquake that hit us last weekend. So you better believe I got my little butt in gear and went out and created an earthquake kit for the Petrellese Household. It was actually kind of fun, and it gave me a sense of relief that next time a quake happens, we will be more prepared than we were last time (which was not at all). 

I went where all people go who want to buy everything in the store save some change-TARGET. And boy did they make it easy. I got my cart and loaded it up, naturally. The first thing I did was head to the Back to School section to grab a backpack that would be large enough to hold everything we need. It was perfect timing that the schools around here just went back to school, so I scored a sweet deal on the pack, given that the majority of them were picked clean. And although it would have been awesome to snag a Ninja Turtles backpack, we settled for a boring old pink one (sorry Mike). The most important thing that I knew we needed was a first aid kit and that was easy to find. I picked one up that has quite a few different things, including a plethora of bandages, gauze, antibacterial medication, aspirin, and a handy dandy ice pack. There were a lot to choose from, so I chose one that was the middle of the road, it had more than our basic necessities, but decided against the one that weighed 10 pounds that had everything under the sun. 

All The Contents Of Our Pack
Next, I decided to pick up a few more health essentials, such as a pack of Advil and some Tums that will help settle our stomachs. Perhaps the most important thing next to the first aid kit was the flashlight. Now, if Mike was with me, he probably would have had some good opinions on which one to choose (who knew there were so many different options!), but I decided to, once again, choose a middle of the road choice. I decided on one that was a little bit larger than the typical small travel size, and I didn't choose the gigantor one either, thinking if Heaven forbid we will ever need to use it, one that wouldn't be too heavy or a pain in the butt to carry. So I chose one that has two different functions, was LED and would be easy to operate and carry. Conveniently, there were extra batteries located right across the aisle, so I picked up a pack to have handy. 

Flashlight with Extra Batteries
I read on the Red Cross website that it is good to have toiletries just in case, so I headed over to the travel section and scored some pretty sweet deals. I picked up his/her deodorant, a travel sized toothbrush for us both, shampoo, chapstick, hand sanitizer and some tissues. I know this is probably a little much, but I'd rather be more prepared than not. 

Our First Aid Kit and Toiletries
I also stuck a pair of sweatpants in there for both Mike and I, as well as picked up some $2.50 flip flops for both of us and stuck those in there, just in case we have to grab the pack and go in a hurry. Lastly, we put some water bottles in there, even though you really should have a gallon or 2 in case of emergencies. The last item we want to include is a crank charger for our cell phones in case we lose power, so I'm still on the lookout for those. We are also working on making copies of important documents such as drivers licenses and emergency contact information, and we also stuck some extra cash in there just in case we aren't able to grab our wallets. 

Our Finished Pack
So even though we have absolutely no control over when the next quake will hit, we are a little more settled now knowing that we are prepared in case it happens. For all my family and friends who live in California, I strongly suggest you take the steps to become more prepared as well! For more information about how to prepare your own Earthquake Kit, click here!  

Alright friends, I am off to Brentwood to celebrate the wedding of my very best friend and her wonderful fiancé! Look forward to me blowing up my blog with pictures next week! Have a great weekend and a safe holiday! 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Worship Wednesday

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God is good, plain and simple. I will be the first to admit that I was a complete mess really shaken up after the earthquake on Sunday morning. I thought that I could get through it by staying busy and just trying not to think about it anymore, and by doing that, I would be fine and not be so scared. Two nights ago I thought I was totally fine, only to be awoken in the early morning by a 4.0 after shock. I instantly rolled over and clung to Mike, and the racing heart and complete sense of fear took over again.

But when I opened my daily devotional that morning, I was amazed at how God was working right in front of me. I opened up to yesterdays date and this is what God said to me: “Your inner calm-your peace in my presence-need not be shaken by what is going on around you. Instead of desperately striving to maintain order and control in your little world, relax and remember that circumstances cannot touch my peace.” It just blew my mind that after 48 hours of being so scared and feeling so helpless, that I open my bible and God wrapped his arms around me and pulled me in to Him.

In all honesty, my walk with God is something that I work on everyday, and some days are easier than others. It is so easy to push Him away, and the stubborn in me tells me I can do things on my own, but I can’t. This quake was a complete wake up call to me, and God was right there with me the whole time, telling me to let go of my worries and fears and give them all to Him. There is no better feeling than knowing that you can let go of all of your pain, fear, resentment, hurt, and He will willingly take it from you because he loves us that much. Sometimes thinking about God’s greatness can be overwhelming, and too good to be true, but as soon as I pray and I see His work, a sense of calm washes over me and I instantly feel at peace.

As terrifying as this quake experience was, it has brought me closer to Him. He flat out told me that I am not in control (which lets be real, I always like to feel like I am in control), and to trust Him and He will take care of me. I will gladly throw up my hands and say “alrighty Lord, I’ll let you handle it and take care of the millions of people who are coming to you. Go do yo thang!” I will undoubtedly stray away and will have to come back to Him, but He will always be there waiting for me with open arms. But God, next time, can you please just send me a smaller reminder, rather than a 6.0 quake? Thankyouverymuch! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Shake Rattle and Roll

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It all happened so fast and yet felt as if it went on forever. The jolt awoke me instantly, and the first thing that popped into my head was what they teach you in elementary school – get under a doorframe and stay still. Once I woke up, I immediately knew what was going on and quickly turned to Mike. Before I knew it, I was on top of him, shaking him and yelling at him to get up and get under the doorframe. But he just looked at me, yelled at me to get down and pulled me into him. After about 15 seconds it was over, and I was just laying on top of Mike and he was cradling my head and rubbing my back. I was trying to take deep breaths but it was so hard to steady myself and I felt as if my heart was going to jump out of my chest.

After we laid there for a couple of minutes, he suggested we turn on the TV to see if there was anything on the news. Because it was still so early, there wasn’t any coverage so we flipped the TV back off. After about 15 minutes of darkness and silence, neither one of us could fall back asleep so we decided to turn the TV back on to divert us. And all I can say is thank God for Nick Cannon and Wild N Out on MTV. There was a non-stop marathon on at 3:30 in the morning and it proved to be a great distraction to the fear we were feeling. After about an hour, the news came on and was providing Breaking News and we quickly learned that the quake hit about 20 miles away from us and was the biggest earthquake since the Loma Prieta in 1989. Because we were so shaken up, there was no way we were falling back asleep and before we knew it, it was 8:00 am and the rest of the Bay Area was waking up to learn of what had happened. Our phones started going off and we found out that all of our family and friends were ok. But it still didn’t take away the unsettling feelings that we were having.

I have to say that I haven’t ever felt more fear in my entire life and those 15 seconds of shaking were the most terrifying of my life. I know that we were very lucky and it could have been a lot worse, and the worse could happen at any moment. As I lay there in the next 15 minutes after it hit, it quickly put things into perspective and all I could do was pray. I prayed thanking God that we were ok, I prayed to Him to calm my heart, I prayed to Him hoping that no one had been really hurt. It really hit home to me how precious this life we have is, and the things that we put so much time and energy worrying about aren’t really that big in the grand scheme of things. It’s about cherishing the time we have with our loved ones and appreciating each and every day we have here on this Earth, because it can all be taken away so quickly.

Thankfully no one lost their life in this quake, but I am begging that people take this as a wake up call to be more prepared in the future. We are guilty of not being prepared, so I know that I will be going out this week to create an Earthquake Kit for our house so next time it happens we will be prepared. Be on the lookout for that post later in the week.

For those of you that were in the Bay Area this Saturday night, I would love to hear your experience and your thoughts! Who knew California could be so exciting?!

Friday, August 22, 2014

365 Days Until I DO

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Holy Cow. In exactly 1 year I will become Mrs. Michael Petrellese. Kinda crazy, right? It seems like just yesterday that I was a 12 year old girl dreaming about my Prince Charming, and now in 1 short year, I will get to marry him. In all honesty, it's been kind of a whirlwind; we met last summer, had been dating 8 months before he proposed, and now that we're engaged, I know this next year will fly by even quicker than the first. The thought of this day actually happening is so much more overwhelming than any of my childhood fantasies-but not for the reasons that I thought. On the surface, wedding planning is deciding what type of dress you want, picking your colors, choosing what flowers you're going to have, selecting a venue. All of these aspects are overwhelming in itself, but at the end of the day, you can plan and organize those details until your hearts content. But no one could have prepared me for the amount of love I have in my heart for this man. 

The past couple of days I have been Pinteresting wedding ideas like a mad woman, knowing that in just 365 days all of those ideas will become a reality. But as I really sat to reflect about what this day is going to be about, all I see is him and I. Sure, the food will be amazing, and the flowers will be beautiful, but in 10 years from now, those aren't going to be the things that I remember. I want to remember the way he looks at me when I walk down the aisle, the way he holds me as we share our first dance, and the way that as that day comes to a close, he will have my heart for the rest of our lives. 

I thank God everyday for bringing Michael into my life. He is everything I could have hoped for in a man. He is so steady in who he is, and that is something that I will always be grateful for. He is the strongest person I have ever known, he never wavers in his love for me and has been my foundation and is someone I know I can count on through every turn. He has an unbelievable ability to see the good in every situation and has been the bright light in my life since the day I met him. Needless to say, I think I am going to be a blubbering mess on our wedding day, and it will be a miracle if I can keep it together (which will be something he will NEVER let me live down!).  

I promise my wedding posts from here on out won't be as mushy! I swear I'll be more detail orientated and show you more of the exciting wedding deets, like venue, dresses, decorations, all that fun stuff. But I had to throw in some love for the man who has stolen my heart. 

For now, I will enjoy the next year being Kendra Sears, the girl I have been for the past 26, and this time next year, ya'll better be ready to cheers to Michael and Kendra Petrellese...that has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? 

One of my favorite shots from our Engagement Shoot, will post more about that another day :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wedding Wednesday - Juarez Edition

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Da Da DaDum Da Da DaDum...Here comes the BRIDE!! And the bride just happens to be one of my best friends in the entire world. Meagan Manley and Bernardo Juarez are going to be tying the knot in just 10 short days. You better believe I will be posting about their beautiful wedding in detail in the upcoming weeks, but I wanted to focus this post on her bridal shower. My hubby-to-be was kind enough to let me host it at our house, which made decorating and preparing for it a breeze (with the help of my amazing Co-Maid of Honor, her twin sister Nicole). 

Bernie proposed to Meagan in a garden, so we decided to go with a Garden Tea Party theme, which gave it an elegant yet laid back vibe. Meagan wanted everything to be a surprise, (except one request she really wanted, which is posted below) so it was fun for everyone to watch her walk in and see her closest friends there surrounded by a ton of food-hey, what is a party without food, am I right?! 

The Food Spread
What kind of Tea Party is it without mini tea sandwiches?
More Sandwiches and Rainbow Fruit Kabobs
Mimosa Bar
The Bride's Gift Table with Homemade Banner courtesy of Pinterest
Picture of the Bride and Groom on the Gift Table
with Homemade Centerpieces, also courtesy of Pinterest
This is the one thing the Bride requested - A Cupcake Wedding Dress

Let's be honest, Pinterest really made this party happen. How in the world did people plan parties before Pinterest?! I swear it is a blessing and a curse. On one hand, there are millions of ideas right at your fingertips and with a click of a button, you can save them forever. But on the other hand, I sometimes think to myself there is NO WAY I will ever be able to recreate that Pinterest magic. But with a little imagination, a little bit of creativity, and A LOT of patience, we were able to pull this party off. 

Cheers to celebrating the Bride and Groom and the Future Mr. and Mrs. Juarez!

Monday, August 18, 2014


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It is 10 am on Monday Morning and I am still in my raggy sweatpants, ratty t-shirt, hair is a hot mess and I’m on my first cup of coffee. Why am I not at work on this blissful, windy morning you ask? That answer is easy. I don’t have to be. This is the first Monday in years, that I can remember, that I don’t have to be ANYWHERE. And it is strange yet liberating. I recently left my job at the beautiful Fairmont San Francisco as an event planner in pursuit of my dream profession-teaching. But more on that another day.

The million dollar question now is, what am I going to do with all of this newfound time? Well, I have a couple things on my list already; dive in to my daily devotional, start and stick to a workout plan, cook dinner for my future hubby,  plan our wedding, start the credential program, student teach in the classroom, stay on top of the laundry, make more time for my family and friends, and blog. Whew. To be honest, I never had an interest in blogging until I came across the lovely Shay Shull's site and she inspired me to start this crazy journey. (Yes, that was an indirect reference to the Bachelor show, which her younger brother starred on). I figure that if I take some time to document my life and what I’m going through, it will be a pretty cool way to look back on it in 20 years (cuz let’s be real, I haven’t written in my diary in 15 years-ptsh, that was so middle school). And since I am going through so many life changes right now, it might even be a way to help someone else in need through my writing, and that would be a pretty awesome thing. Right? Right.

So as I embark on my fun-employment stage, I will be documenting all things 25-year-old-girl; career changes, wedding dresses, cooking ideas, navigating engagement life, and so much more. Thanks so much for taking this journey with me, it should prove to be a wild ride! 

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