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What's Up Wednesday: October 2015

Hello Friends! It's the last Wednesday of the month, and do you know what that means?! It's What's Up Wednesday! For my first link up EVER!, I am linking up with Mel, Shay, and Sheaffer to learn about What's Up with THEM!

Here we go!

What We're Eating This Week:
Because the weather is FINALLY starting to cool off, this chica is embracing that in the kitchen! I'm making hearty meals all week long, starting with the dish that is the epitome of my childhood! Yummy chicken, creamy sauce and stuffing?! I think yes! This dinner is soooo simple to make and is the perfect fall dish! Check out the recipe here.

What I'm Reminiscing About:
In the spirit of Halloween, I'm reminiscing about Halloween last year! Last year we volunteered with our church and it was such a great night! Our church puts on an event called Trunk or Treat, which has become such a huge event in our town over the years! In hopes to create a safe trick or treating environment for our local kids, church volunteers set up cars in a parking lot, decorate their cars and dress up, and the kids trick or treat from trunk to trunk for candy! They have music playing and fun games for the kids, and it was such a fun night!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
What I'm Loving:
My new scarf!!! I mean, does this scarf not scream Fall to you?? It is the perfect accessory to throw on in the morning that not only completes my look, but it is so cozy! And friends, it is UNDER $20!!!! Now if that isn't a steal, I don't know what is.

Jeans: Nordstrom Top: Nordstrom Booties: Cathy Jean Scarf: Nordstrom Military Jacket: Nordstrom

What We've Been Up To:
We've honestly just been getting back into the swing of our routine since the wedding, which has been so nice. Mike has gone back to his normal work schedule after working night shift for a couple weeks, and I have been subbing consistently on all of my days off from student teaching. So we have been keeping very busy! 

What I'm Dreading:
Christmas shopping. Ugh. It is just around the corner, and now that we have two sets of families to buy for, I have to get creative. And I really want to try to give thoughtful gifts this year, so I have my work cut out for me! 

What I'm Working On:
I always feel like I have a bunch of things on my plate-in a good way!, but there are 2 things I'm working really hard on right now. 


I'm currently working on my teaching credential, and I am on the home stretch!! I have about 1 more month of this term, then 4 more months and I will be fully credentialed-holy cow! So I am really buckling down these next couple of months to study for my last test as well as making sure I have all of my student teaching hours up to date!

I am really working hard to grow my Jewelry Business and so far I feel it is going really well! I have a few shows lined up for November and am hoping to get a couple more on the calendar for December so I can shower some ladies with some Holiday Love! Interested in how you can earn free jewelry, check out how HERE!

What I'm Excited About:
My first link up! I am fairly new to the blogging world and am slowly learning the ropes! So I am super stoked to be linking up with all you fabulous women today! Thanks so much for all of your support and for stopping by :) 

What I'm Watching/Reading:
I have a few shows that I watch religiously, (hello Survivor, Dancing with the Stars, and Nashville) but I quickly fell in love with John Stamos Grandfathered on Fox. It's a really cute concept, and I really like the cast (the mom is adorable!). It has been a great pick me up on Tuesday Nights, and let's be real, who doesn't love an excuse to stare at John Stamos?

Working with 4th graders has really brought out my inner child. So after a few weeks of spending library time with my kids, I kept wandering back to the Harry Potter section. I was in 5th grade when my teacher read us Harry Potter when it first came out, and introducing some of my kids who are ready to immerse themselves into the Hogwarts World has been so fun for me. So I decided that I wanted to reread the series and bring me back to my roots! Starting with Book 1, I'm gonna make my way to Book 7, any bets on how long it will take me??

What I'm Listening To:
So I'm 1 week shy of when I start listening to Christmas music (don't judge), so Today's Country Hits is still the star on my Pandora.

What I'm Wearing:
I am loooooving that the Fall weather has finally made its way to California!! So I am taking full advantage of that! 

I am loving my new tunic from Nordstrom, thanks Shaeffer!) It is the perfect cozy tee to wear on a Fall day! You can wear it with jeans like me or rock it with some leggings! PS I'm wearing a Medium so it covers my bum when I wear it with leggings.

Tunic: Nordstrom Jeans: Nordstrom Booties: Nordstrom Bling: Premier Designs

What I'm Doing This Weekend:
This weekend is going to be so fun! Saturday night (Halloween), Mike and I are going to head over to my friend Luciana's house for the night! Her and her fiancĂ© are so graciously having us over for dinner and a scary movie (I think I need to make an exception to my scaredy cat ways) and to pass out candy to trick or treaters! And then on Sunday, my friend Meagan is hosting a jewelry show for me at her house, so I get to hook some of my girls up with some fabulous bling!

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month:
These next couple months are my favorite. I am looking forward to colder weather and RAIN (fingers crossed!!!), and just spending time with the family. 

What Else Is New:
Not too much around here! I am wanting to start my *GASP* Christmas shopping, but things keep popping up that is taking precedence. But I am telling myself I will for sure start next month-which is next weeks-YIKES!!

Bonus Question! What is my Favorite Thanksgiving Recipe:
So I don't know if you would call this a typical Thanksgiving Recipe, but this recipe holds a special place in my heart. When I was little, before everyone was growing up and getting married, we used to have huge family holidays, so naturally we needed some appetizers. So my Papa would always make his famous ham rolls, and I was known to hammer down on more than my fair share of them. So now that he has passed away, every time I eat them, I think of him, so I wanted to share the recipe with all of you because they come from so much love! 

Check out that recipe here.

Thank you so much for stopping by and Linking Up with me! Looking forward to linking up together next month! Happy Hump Day!


  1. I guess I need to get on board with Grandfathered! I've heard so many people saying amazing things about it, but I have yet to watch. And because - Uncle Jesse! #Duh.

    1. So true! If all of the people saying amazing things about it isn't enough-do it for Uncle Jesse! Let me know what you think once you start it!

  2. Loooooooooove your scarf. I have one and rock it any chance I can.

    I can't wait until Christmas...soooo close!

    stopping by from the link up.

    1. It's hard not to love it! It's super light weight but screams holiday season to me! Fun fact, I start listening to Christmas music the day after Halloween, that's totally normal, right?!
      Thanks so much for stopping by!

    2. Oh my goodness, I do the same thing!!!! Cheers to Christmas.

      BTW, I saw your comment on my blog, but unfortunately you came in as a no reply comment so I can't respond to your sweet comment via email. You were so sweet about our kickball story, thanks lady!

  3. I love that scarf. I've been eyeballing it for so long... I just need to bite the bullet and get it. :) Christmas still feels like it's pretty far off until you start counting down to how many weekends you have left. Eeek! ;)

    1. Jenny! Not to be a bad influence (or fantastic influence, whichever way you look at it), but you defiiiiinitely should bite the bullet and get this scarf! Trust me, you won't be sorry! It's super lightweight, and is the perfect and easy addition to your seasonal wardrobe!

      True about Christmas being months away, but I always feel like this time a year flies by so fast and I want to savor every minute of it!

  4. Getting back into the swing of things after wedding - SO fun! That's what we were up to last year at this time :) I'm LOVING starting my Christmas shopping! Xx

    1. Isn't it crazy how fast time flies?! It seems like we got married just a few days ago but it's been over 2 months already!
      I need to get my butt started on my shopping! But having two families to buy for is such a daunting task! Any suggestions on how you went about it last year? This new wife needs help!

  5. Hi! Cute blog! I found you through the link up. I start listening to Christmas music in November too! (I have no shame in stating that, lol). The Christmas season is my favorite time EVER! Good luck with all your Christmas shopping!


    1. Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by! I love meeting new people and making connections through the blog!
      I have what I like to call OCD....Obsessive Christmas Disorder and giiiiirl I embrace it! Thanks for the good luck-with two families to buy for this year, I'm gonna need it!

  6. LOVE the scarf!! Perfect for fall!!

    1. Thanks so much Darcy! It's one of my faves!

  7. Great post, and amazing photos ! ♥ I have a request of that clicking in the most recent entry (dresslink) ? :) I will be very grateful :)
    Best, Malwina

    ♥ my blog ♥

    1. Aww thank you so much! Thank you so much for stopping by! I'm sorry, did you want the link for the black tunic??

  8. Love your scarf! And, I also added Gradfathered to our TV line up because of John Stamos!
    Thank you SO much for linking up with us!!!! :)


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