Tuesday, February 10, 2015

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We Said Yes to the Dress(es)!

After you get engaged, there are certain moments that you look forward to most. Obviously, the wedding being at the top of the list, the honeymoon, the showers, and so on, and for me, I had one of those special moments this weekend. I have 4 wonderful friends who are doing me the honor of standing beside me in August as I take a new last name, and I could not be any luckier to have them on this incredible journey with me.

So this past Saturday, we set off on one of the most daunting tasks; finding bridesmaids dresses. Now, Mike and I are tying the knot up in Yosemite, in August, (post soon to come on our wedding venue), so it will most likely be preeeeeetty warm. We are planning for a later afternoon-evening wedding, so by then it shouldn't be too hot (fingers crossed), but one of my top criteria for these dresses were they have to be comfortable and allow the girls to not die of heat stroke, (seriously) and be absolutely fabulous of course. So the 4 of us (we were missing a very important piece to the Petrellese Posse, but she was there in spirit) plus my mom piled into the car and headed down to Cupertino in search of 'the dress.' 

This was one of the days I was most looking forward to because it was a day spent with my girls and what could be more fun than trying on a bunch of fancy dresses?! I had an idea of what I was looking for, but I knew that would most likely change once we got down there. Once we got there, our rep gave each of the girls their own dressing room with a few different dresses each and they went at it. It was so funny to see them tossing the dresses over the walls to each other to swap out. 

some of the most wonderful women you will ever meet
So after a couple different swaps, comparing styles versus cuts versus colors, war finally settled on a dress! It was a win win that it ties in to my dress in a couple different ways and they all liked it! I'd call that a success, people. This process was pretty painless because of the amazing bridal party; they were all so willing to try on multiple dresses, gave their opinion but also told me they would be happy with whatever dress I chose. I mean, how lucky am I? #blessed 

this wedding is going to be a blast with these gals

My dress had also been received at the store the previous week so I got to try it on and they got a sneak peek of the big day. They helped me pick out accessories and gave their insight on earrings vs necklaces vs both, so it was great to have outsiders opinions. Because after all of the wedding detail decisions I have made, it was so nice to have some help on the girly things! 

So moral of the weekend, I have amazing friends who love me and support me and I couldn't be luckier. I'm planning on doing an upcoming post highlighting these 4 wonderful women, so stay tuned for that. 

finding "the dress" is the best feeling! 

a few of my biggest supporters and i couldn't be any more blessed

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