Friday, August 29, 2014

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Quake Kit

Well, based on my last 2 posts this week, it is no secret that I was seriously spooked by that dang earthquake that hit us last weekend. So you better believe I got my little butt in gear and went out and created an earthquake kit for the Petrellese Household. It was actually kind of fun, and it gave me a sense of relief that next time a quake happens, we will be more prepared than we were last time (which was not at all). 

I went where all people go who want to buy everything in the store save some change-TARGET. And boy did they make it easy. I got my cart and loaded it up, naturally. The first thing I did was head to the Back to School section to grab a backpack that would be large enough to hold everything we need. It was perfect timing that the schools around here just went back to school, so I scored a sweet deal on the pack, given that the majority of them were picked clean. And although it would have been awesome to snag a Ninja Turtles backpack, we settled for a boring old pink one (sorry Mike). The most important thing that I knew we needed was a first aid kit and that was easy to find. I picked one up that has quite a few different things, including a plethora of bandages, gauze, antibacterial medication, aspirin, and a handy dandy ice pack. There were a lot to choose from, so I chose one that was the middle of the road, it had more than our basic necessities, but decided against the one that weighed 10 pounds that had everything under the sun. 

All The Contents Of Our Pack
Next, I decided to pick up a few more health essentials, such as a pack of Advil and some Tums that will help settle our stomachs. Perhaps the most important thing next to the first aid kit was the flashlight. Now, if Mike was with me, he probably would have had some good opinions on which one to choose (who knew there were so many different options!), but I decided to, once again, choose a middle of the road choice. I decided on one that was a little bit larger than the typical small travel size, and I didn't choose the gigantor one either, thinking if Heaven forbid we will ever need to use it, one that wouldn't be too heavy or a pain in the butt to carry. So I chose one that has two different functions, was LED and would be easy to operate and carry. Conveniently, there were extra batteries located right across the aisle, so I picked up a pack to have handy. 

Flashlight with Extra Batteries
I read on the Red Cross website that it is good to have toiletries just in case, so I headed over to the travel section and scored some pretty sweet deals. I picked up his/her deodorant, a travel sized toothbrush for us both, shampoo, chapstick, hand sanitizer and some tissues. I know this is probably a little much, but I'd rather be more prepared than not. 

Our First Aid Kit and Toiletries
I also stuck a pair of sweatpants in there for both Mike and I, as well as picked up some $2.50 flip flops for both of us and stuck those in there, just in case we have to grab the pack and go in a hurry. Lastly, we put some water bottles in there, even though you really should have a gallon or 2 in case of emergencies. The last item we want to include is a crank charger for our cell phones in case we lose power, so I'm still on the lookout for those. We are also working on making copies of important documents such as drivers licenses and emergency contact information, and we also stuck some extra cash in there just in case we aren't able to grab our wallets. 

Our Finished Pack
So even though we have absolutely no control over when the next quake will hit, we are a little more settled now knowing that we are prepared in case it happens. For all my family and friends who live in California, I strongly suggest you take the steps to become more prepared as well! For more information about how to prepare your own Earthquake Kit, click here!  

Alright friends, I am off to Brentwood to celebrate the wedding of my very best friend and her wonderful fiancĂ©! Look forward to me blowing up my blog with pictures next week! Have a great weekend and a safe holiday! 


  1. Thanks for posting this! Going to use this as motivation to get our kit together next week!

  2. Video I just saw on some cool ways of charging cell phones and tablets!

  3. Oh wow!! Thanks awesome, thanks for passing that along Jen!


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