Monday, September 15, 2014

# Vacays

Keep Tahoe Awesome

If you've never been to Lake Tahoe in the summertime-Go. Stat. Most of the masses flock to Tahoe in the winter months to partake in the ski and snowboard activities and to take in the beautiful sweeping views of snowcapped mountains, but if you love the fresh scent of evergreens and breathtaking views of a crystal blue lake, then you will fall in love with the Tahoe Summer. 

Our calendars have been so crazy lately, but we made sure that we made time to celebrate our first anniversary (can't believe it's already been a year!). We grabbed breakfast and headed up early Friday morning and it was a beautiful drive with not too many people on the road. After two pee-pit-stops (much to the dismay of my fiancé), we made it up to beautiful Tahoe in about 3 hours.

After showing Mike around the cabin, which my aunt and uncle so graciously let us borrow, we decided to take a walk downtown to grab lunch at a local restaurant. *disclaimer, our trip pretty much consisted of eating, gambling, and more eating-so be ready for a lot of food updates* after filling our bellies with a yummy spiked lemonade, mozzarella cheese sticks and lunch, we made the trek back where I witnessed something I've never seen before; my beloved man passed out on the couch for 2 hours! This from a man who I have witnessed take a mid day nap probably twice in our relationship, so that alone attested to how much he needed this getaway.

Our Cabin
Beautiful Backyard
Once Sleeping Beauty Mike-awoke from his slumber, we decided to take a trip to the grocery store to grab something to make dinner. But instead, we ended up on the windy road that would take us to South Shore, and so our Friday night adventure began. Once we got to Nevada (our first out of state vacay together!) we headed into Harrahs Casino for some fun. We put aside money every month and put it into our vacation fund, so we had a pretty penny to play with. We decided to start with $20 and see where it would take us. I got lucky on a penny slot and brought us up to $100! But after some more fun, brought us back down but we ended up leaving with about $45 more in pocket than we started with-not too shabby for a couple of rookies!

Stopping to take in the views on our way to South Shore

Mike is incapable of sleeping past 7am regardless of it being a weekend, let alone it being a vacation weekend morning, we decided to get an early start. Taking my aunt's recommendation, we grubbed at a local breakfast place, and boy did it not disappoint! After we waddled back to the car, we headed to Squaw Village and took the gondola up to High Camp where we did some sight seeing before heading back down. The views were absolutely breathtaking, and it is so crazy to see all of the ski runs in the summer without any snow, they look so much scarier that way!

View from our gondola ride at Squaw

The Best View is the man on my arm

After some lunch and yet another nap, we decided to head to the other side of North Shore to check out a casino on that side. We weren't nearly as lucky, we only took away 10 big bucaroonies after we got lucky on the Ghostbuster Game (yes, I said Ghostbuster Game), and decided to head out. We grabbed some dinner at a steak and lobster restaurant right on the Stateline, and it was a fun experience for our special dinner, even though we are much more the burgers and fries type. Deciding to call it a night, we headed back to the cabin where we cuddled up on the couch and watched a movie before heading to bed.

I am a big proponent of taking 3 day weekends as much as you can, here's why: 1-you have something to look forward to more often than 1 long summer vacation 2-it serves as a much needed recharge 3-it makes your weekend feel so much longer. It was so nice to getaway for a couple of days and we both came back to the real world feeling refreshed and ready to take on the week. Tell me, where are your favorite spots to take a quick vacay getaway?! 

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