Friday, September 19, 2014

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Wake Up and Smell the Roses

Roses, Dahlias, Lilies, Carnations, the list goes on and on. I am lucky enough to have an amazing aunt who works in a nursery part time (score!) and was kind enough to offer to take her flower-stupid niece shopping for wedding florals. We went to the Flower Mart in the city, and boy did it not disappoint. It was like an outside strip mall, but once you walk into what looked like a small shop on the outside, it was a continuous warehouse that went on forever! 

We weren't going to decide on anything yesterday, it was moreso for me to get an idea of what I might want. Together with my Maid of Honor, we set off and started browsing, and holy cow! *Disclaimer: As the bride, this is the one area that I am not familiar with. Before talking to my MOH, (who just got married last month, check out my post on her wedding here) I didn't really realize that my bridesmaids would have different bouquets than me, and the centerpieces would be different as well-that's a lot of different flowers to pick out! There were so many different colors and choices, it was a little overwhelming, but so fun. We were able to pick and pull different flowers to see if their colors mixed well, and if the textures meshed, it was like playing with furry legos! 

I had an idea of colors before going in, but after seeing the different types of flowers, I think I have changed my mind. In fact, the flowers are actually leading me to change the colors of the bridesmaids dresses-stay tuned for that decision later! After yesterday, I think I'm leaning towards a white-ish flower as the main floral, surrounded by different pops of color with some texture thrown in-like maybe some eucalyptus, some dusty miller, or some kind of small succulent. And for the centerpieces, I want to have a flowy element to give it a little bit of a whimiscal vibe. But! All of these are just ideas, my next step is to contact our florist and see what she can do with my vision and go from there, I will definitely let you guys know what we decide on!

Cool view driving into the city on a chilly Fall morning

I LOVED these dahlias! Soft but yet it has color

Some pretty texture and greenery I might throw in

I thought these were so fun, so tiny but also so vibrant and full of life.
Would be cute to stick in to some bouquets if the colors work

I loved these dahlias as well, would work as a rich pop of color to a light colored bouquet

This amaranthus is so GORG in person! I loved the idea of having this in
 the centerpieces so it drapes onto the table like a weeping willow, and it has color!

I fell in love with this flower, and it is making me contemplate changing my
 bridesmaids dresses, can you guess to what color??

Snapdragons were my Nana's favorite flower, so I am going to have a few sprigs of this in my bouquet so I have a touch of her with me on my wedding day as she watches us from Heaven

My Rockstar Aunt 

My Beautiful MOH!!!


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