Monday, October 13, 2014

Gun Show

Bang Bang straight to your heart! And no, I'm not talking about the super catchy Jessie J song (although that is my jam!), what I'm talking about is a real gun. A-super-legit-big-you'll-shoot-your-eye-out-kid kinda gun. This past Saturday Mike took me to the shooting range, and at first I was excited! I told myself I was going to unleash my inner Clint Eastwood and kick some major booty!...And then we got there. Fun fact about me, I have super sensitive ears. Super sensitive. When I was a kid I couldn't watch fireworks because the loud noises scared me so much, and whenever I hear thunder I hide under the covers like a little girl (please tell me I'm not the only grown woman who still does this). So you'd imagine the instant fear I felt when as soon as I stepped out of the car and heard the first bang, I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Mike instantly handed me a set of earplugs along with the big, bulky, hideous lifesaving earmuffs and off we went.

Now, you'd think that they would make it a little difficult to participate in a gun range. But nope, they ask you to sign in, pay and they send you on your merry way. For someone who has NEVER been around a gun, never held one, shot one, even really been in the same room as a real gun, they were trusting me to shoot this machine without killing anyone. Go ahead Kendra, try it. Sheesh. 

Mike shot first, he got the gun all set up, locked and loaded and took fire. *Disclaimer: I would be lying if I said it wasn't kinda hot watchin my man kick butt shooting that big old gun, but we'll save that for another day* After he got his fix in, he motioned me to come over so I gently took my steps over to the station. As he was explaining me how to load and setup the gun, the muscle break from the shooter next to us was literally knocking me over. It was so loud and powerful that each time he shot I could feel it in my stomach and caused me to involuntarily flinch, big time. Getting frustrated, I told Mike I couldn't shoot next to that big gun (remember how I said I was channeling my inner Clint Eastwood? Yeah, totally out the window). I had to walk over away from the guns to calm down and Mike followed, probably getting frustrated that I couldn't do it and I was probably making him a little nervous too. I don't blame him. 

Taking a deep breath and telling my wimpy self to suck it up, I took my place on the seat again, I was going to shoot this gun. Psyching myself up, along with the encouragement of the fiancé, I did it. I shot a gun. I shot a very big gun. And you know what? was really fun! Once you get past the loud noises, reverberations, and the fact that this thing I'm holding could end a life, shooting the targets was actually a thrilling experience. At the cease fire, we walked down to the target to see I not only hit the big cardboard target, but I got quite a few shots in the black! Go me! I managed to surprise myself and my fiancé, and had some fun doing something I'd never done before, I'd chalk that up to a major win. 

So for all you ladies out there that have never shot s gun, are afraid of them (I don't blame you), or want to learn more about them, I highly suggest you have someone teach you the basics or find a really awesome guy to take you to the shooting range. If anything, you can cross it off your bucket list. So I'd say my experience was a success. Kendra - 1 AR57 - 0.

100 yard range

yep, that's my fiancé 

gettin after it

ok ok, so not all of those in the black are mine, but some of them are!!

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