Monday, October 27, 2014

Together We're GIANT

Holy cow did I  have a fantastic Saturday! Mike and I were lucky enough to score tickets to Game 4 of the WORLD SERIES (thanks Mom!) and it was nothing short of amazing! Now, to all of my baseball fans out there, we all know how fun it is to go to a Major League Game. It's a day consisting of hot dogs, beer and some good old fashioned baseball. Even if your team doesn't come out victorious, it is most often times money and time well spent. But for those of you who have had the opportunity to go to a World Series game, I'm sure you will agree with me that these games are so different from any regular season game...

Mike and I decided to make it a day in the city, to get really make our day count. We got up early, packed up our backpack, and were on Bart around 10 am. We took Bart to Union Square and hopped on a Cable Car that took us to Fisherman's Wharf where we wandered around like tourists and decided to stop and eat at Bubba Gumps. After scoring a pretty sweet table overlooking the Bay Bride and Alcatraz, we indulged in some fruity cocktails, fried food, and some good old fashioned fiancé time. With a couple hours to kill before game time, we took a 3.1 mile trek stroll down the Embarcadero to the ballpark where we decided to head in early to soak up as much World Series-ness as we could!

We got up to our seats around 3pm and just took in the energy-and boy could you feel it. Before the game started, there were light sprinkles of rain, followed by a beautiful rainbow right above the ballpark, and I knew the luck was on the Black and Orange side! After some introductions, we were graced with the presence of some of the all time greats. Hank Aaron was on the field, Mo'ne Davis threw out the first pitch, and Carlos Santana performed the National Anthem! Before we knew it, it was game time baby!

Now, I'm going to spare you the play by play details, but needless to say it was filled with joy, nerves, excitement, and relief! The energy was something I had never experienced before, and it was just so freaking cool. The fans stood up for a majority of the game, and I swear I've never been somewhere where it has gotten so incredibly loud. Once the game was over, the crowd went crazy and everyone wanted to revel in the victory. As we were walking down the never ending ramp, fans were cheering "LETS GO GIANTS!!" over and over and it just reverberated throughout my entire body. 

I know how incredibly lucky we were to be there, and it will be a memory I will hold near and dear to my heart forever. Here's to hoping our boys can take the trophy back home to San Francisco again in 2014!!!

view of alcatraz from lunch

a fruity cocktail = his weakness

beautiful view of the bay bridge on our walk to the ballpark

don't ask

can't believe we're at the WORLD SERIES

national anthem

it was starting to sprinkle

our good luck rainbow above the ballpark

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