Monday, October 26, 2015

Spooky Saturday

Helloo my friends! And Happy Monday! I hope ya'll had a great weekend! I know we did over here at the Petrellese household! This was the first and last weekend (for the short future), that we had absolutely nothing to do. And ya'll, that is a glorious thing! 

After waking up to no alarm (honestly, is there anything more wonderful than that?, we decided to go out to breakfast and walk around downtown. After we enjoyed Saturday morning, we went to the elementary school I work at, where we were hosting a Harvest Festival. And friends, those kids looooooove the Harvest Festival. It's seriously all my kids have been talking about all week, so I knew I absolutely had to make an appearance! Some kids were in full costume, and some were so immersed in all the different games, it was a sight to see. 

They had a bunch of different activities for the kids, but the main attraction of the day was The Cake Walk. (Disclaimer, when I asked other teachers this week what a cake walk was, they all looked at me like I was crazy, and one woman asked me, and I quote: "Were you deprived as a child?") So for those of you that don't know what a Cake Walk is, let me tell ya. It's when there is a bunch of hay bales set up in a circle with numbers set on top of them. Once the music starts, everyone walks around in a circle and once it stops, you pick a hay bale to sit on-a musical chairs of sorts. After everyone has a hay bale, they will pick a number out of a hat, and the winner gets their choice of any dessert offered. And friends, I'm not talkin a single cookie, I'm talking, huge, elaborate sheet cakes! Yes, I said sheet cakes. What one child needs with an entire sheet cake, I will never know (God Bless their parents when they bring it home), but these kids were loooooovin it! One boy got so excited when he was able to choose a 2 tier cake, that when he ran over holding it to show his mom, I saw this poor boy tripping and smashing the cake in slow motion. Thankfully, that didn't happen. But it was so fun to hang out with the kids and see them so excited to support their school.

The Infamous Cake Walk
Life Size Angry Birds
Kiddos Got to Shoot a Nerf Gun to Knock Down the Monsters
Some of the Fun Activities

After we got home from the Harvest Festival, Mike and I decided to have a cozy night at home. So we made some grilled cheese and butternut squash soup for our date night. When we were flipping the channels, we discovered that there was a Paranormal Activity movie marathon night. Now, Mike and I are NOT scary movie people. At all. The last time we watched a scary movie was over a year ago, and that night there was a major earthquake that happened, (read about that awful night here), so we decided that it was a sign to swear off scary movies. But since it's Halloween Week, we deiced to embrace the season and go with it. So while it was a really fun night, Mike likes to grab me at really inopportune times to scare me, I had nightmares and didn't get much sleep, so we decided to stick with Christmas movies from here on out ;)
Perfect Saturday Night
 So that was our Spooky Saturday! What were you up to this weekend? Did you partake in any Halloween shenanigans or did you take it easy? Have a great week friends!!

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