Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What's in a Name?

Picture this: The night air is crisp and dark. You are bundled up and kicking back in a collapsable chair when you listen to the sounds around you. In the close vicinity, you hear the crackling of a campfire and the humming of crickets musically to their own rhythm, and in the faint distance, you hear the laughing and chatter of other campers. As your eyes adjust to the darkness around you, you take in the scene that envelopes you. You are surrounded by some of your closest family and friends who are roasting marshmallows over the open flame that is in front of you, all the while laughing and telling stories about life. 

You with me?? Awesome. Some of my most treasured memories involve sitting around a campfire in the almost-complete darkness. Completely unplugged from the outside world we left behind, with nothing in front of me but a cozy campfire and my family and friends. With no other distractions, sitting by the campfire has allowed my relationships to grow deeper in one night than a month full of distractions. Some of the funniest stories from my childhood were born from the time spent around a campfire, but I will save some of those for another time.

Which brings me to today. And my blog. A couple people have asked me why I decided to name my blog Kendra's Kampfire. Well. Let me tell you. I started this blog as a way to document my memories and to hopefully build relationships with others through this blog. Which made me instantly think of the one place that both these things happen, which is of course, the campfire. When I think of a campfire, I think of people coming together and learning new things about each other, and a safe place where we can talk about anything that comes to mind. And that is the hope that I have for my blog. Hence, Kendra's Kampfire was born. (Of course, I changed the "c" to a "k", because alliteration always makes things a little bit cooler.) 

So, on the days that you read my blog, I hope you can feel comfortable to comment about anything, start a conversation, ask me any question, feel free to be yourself! I hope that my blog can be a place that brings people together and a place where a positive memory will be created! 

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