Wednesday, October 8, 2014

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Say Cheese!!

Lights Camera Action! This post is dedicated to the very talented and ever so wonderful Mr. Gustavo Fernandez! Gustavo was kind enough to shoot our engagement photo session and will be snapping our pics for the wedding come August and believe me, we are so incredibly lucky to have him! 

I met Gustavo through my work at the Fairmont, as he was one of our preferred vendors, and he is a true professional. He has shot weddings and events not just in the San Francisco Bay Area, but all over the world as well, and has a ton of experience that will make your special day extraordinary. 

I really wanted to spotlight him to rave about how wonderful he is. After Mike and I got engaged, I instantly hoped that Gustavo would take our engagement photos, thankfully he said yes and our experience was anything less than fantastic. Mike absolutely HATES taking pictures, but he graciously agreed to the session because he knew how much it meant to me (best fiancé award goes to...), but I secretly knew it was going to be a little painful for everyone involved. Mike was dreading the shoot the whole day leading up to it, but as soon as he met Gustavo, he was instantly put at ease. He came right out of his shell and Gustavo totally made him feel comfortable. (About an hour before the shoot I texted Gustavo and told him Mike had a hard day at work and I was going to have a grumpy fiancé on my hands, and he texted back saying 'Lol! I'll fix that!'-awesome). 

Taking photos can be a little awkward, especially in a situation like this where a lot of your shots are going to be semi staged and the close ups of the couple looking at each other and such, so I was a little worried about how the shoot would go. But Gustavo didn't make it awkward or weird, he kept it totally causal and got a bunch of different shots. After it was over, Mike actually said he had FUN (I almost wanted to get that in writing). But ever since our shoot, he has been raving about Gustavo to our family members, saying they are going to love him and he is going to do such a great job (which couldn't be more true). 

Not only was he an absolute joy and pleasure to work with, our photos turned out beautiful! We were so incredibly happy and we are so excited to see how he captures our wedding day. He is a true professional through and through, both while on site and over email; he is always very prompt to respond to our questions and is so easy to work with. Our photographer and photos are the most important aspect of our wedding day to us, and we have no doubt that Gustavo will do an amazing job! 

Whether it be a corporate function, a family photo sesh or if you are looking to get a professional headshot done, Gustavo does it all! But to all my brides who are looking for a photographer to capture their engagement photos or wedding, I HIGHLY recommend Gustavo, trust me, you will not be disappointed. He will bring the fun and take all of the pressure and nerves away, only leaving you with a great memory! 

Don't believe me?! Take a look at some photos from our engagement shoot, and tell me those pictures didn't come out beautiful ;) (but hey, it doesn't hurt having a hunky fiancé to stand beside either!) 

Thanks so much Gustavo-we owe you for making us look so good ;)

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