Wednesday, October 1, 2014

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Wedding Wednesday - Kiddo Edition

One of my favorite parts about wedding planning has been asking our loved ones to be part of our special day. And this one was particularly special. Not only am I getting a wonderful set of inlaws in addition to my wonderful future husband, but I'm also gaining an adorable niece and nephew. I've loved all of the days I've gotten to spend with them and I am so incredibly excited to be Auntie Kendra; I'm excited to be the one who lets them stay up late when they come to Aunt Kendra and Uncle Mike's house, to be the cool aunt who takes them to ice cream and to be the aunt who will love them unconditionally as I watch them grow up. 

It was only fitting that Mike and I have them be such a special part of our day and we are so thrilled that they are going to be our flower girl and ring bearer! In true Kendra fashion, I had to hit up Pinterest to help me come up with a cute way to ask them. I know they are a little young to understand, but I was hoping to make something that they could keep for awhile or put up on their wall or for their mom to hide it away until they get a little older to understand. 

So after some Pinterest surfing and Michael's shopping, Kendra's craft project of the week was born! 

my supplies to start: shadow boxes (60% off at michaels!), stickers, flowers for muri and obnoxiously large diamond rings for lucas

it says: 'muri, will you be our flower girl? -uncle mike aunt kendra'
it says: 'lucas, will you be our ring bearer? uncle mike aunt kendra'

finished products side by side

it's always more fun when you have a gift to open!
my adorable fiancĂ© and the 2 cuties (this was probably attempt at successful picture #7)
yes! a good muri's box was tumbling off her lap

the aftermath - needless to say it's going to be a pretty fun wedding with these 2 goofballs running around

Now, the Sears women and Maciel women have a wedding connection that dates back 25 years. When my parents got married, my cousin Jennifer, was the flower girl in their wedding. 20 years later, when Jennifer got married, I stood beside her as a bridesmaid. This wedding love fest wouldn't be complete if I didn't have some Maciel blood in my wedding. So Jen's (and her super sweet husband Josh) son is going to "my mini Prince." Come next August, he will be walking up a storm, so he's going to walk down the aisle with a special message to Mike. That will round out our bunch of kiddos :)
will make a sign something like this
the adorable little james
Thank you so much to the families of these kiddos who are letting them be part of our special day. We are so excited for them to part of our love story! 

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