Friday, January 16, 2015

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Premier Party

Do you ever have those days that make you so blessed to be alive? Well, I hope you have-because I had one of those days this past weekend! It was my first Premier Rally and as I was on my way up to Sacramento, I was a little nervous and not sure what to expect. But as I walked into the Grand Ballroom where our rally was being held, I was instantly overwhelmed. There were 600 screaming women-literally 600 screaming women-who were so decked out in bling and just looked so happy to be there. Even though there was blaring music and crazy women, I didn't feel intimidated at all and I had a feeling it was going to be a great day. 

The day consisted of trainings on how to grow your business, how to form lasting relationships with your hostesses, but mostly it was empowering us to be not just better women for our business, it was empowering us to be better women for the world. Premier is deeply rooted in the Bible, and to hear scriptures about how God has a plan for us and wants the best for us, it was such a great reminder about how awesome our God is. It was really cool to not only learn more about the company but to have such inspiring women share their stories about how God was working in their life and how He has a plan for me.

now if that doesn't inspire you, i don't know what will

I need to take the time to brag about my Premier Mama for a second. Her name is Karen Heston, and she is a firecracker, and I love her. She has been selling Premier for 10 years and is a complete rockstar. She has taught me so much and is just such a light to be around and makes everyone around her happy. Now that's a pretty special person if you ask me. 

my premier mama-isn't she gorg?!
my premier sister angela and my mama karen
But the highlight of the day was the unveiling of our new Spring Collection. Picture this: 600 women, who are obsessed with bling, flocking to various tables to get a view of the new line. Good luck trying to squeeze in there, those women were like vultures, they needed to get their looksies and no one was going to get in their way! I kid, but seriously, everyone was so excited. It was so fun being surrounded by so many people who were excited and passionate about the same thing. 

how cute is that display?!

i am completely mildly obsessed with this watch

the earrings on the right are made out of real shells

love love LOVE this turquoise necklace!
Throughout the day, they were raffling off prizes, such as $100 in jewelry, $250 in jewelry, free registration for our National Rally in Texas, a half line of the new jewelry (heck yeah!) and the FULL LINE of the new jewelry collection!! They saved the last two for the very end of the day. Because the full line was a giveaway of over $2,000, they decided to create as much suspense as possible. So they had all 600 of us stand up and listen for our number, and once it wasn't yours, you were to sit down until there was one person standing. As they read the first number, I was like, "cool, I have that number," second number, "huh, I have that number too," once they read the third number and it matched mine, my palms became sweaty and butterflies instantly appeared. Before I knew it, they had finished reading all of the numbers, and in a room full of 600 people, I was the only one standing…..I WON!!!!!! I had won the FULL LINE OF OUR SPRING COLLECTION!!!! Karen and Angela were sitting right next to me and freeeeeeeeaked out! So I ran up to the front of the room as the women on the aisles were high fiving me and they handed me a giant box of goodies. I could not believe it, it was such a fun and exciting surprise and made me very thankful. 

that is pure excitement right there folks
After leaving the rally feeling so empowered and inspired, I came home to a wonderful surprise from my future hubby. Not only had he cooked a yummy dinner, he had also gone out, framed, and hung a gift that we received at our Engagement Party that I have been meaning to hang but haven't gotten around to it. It was such a nice surprise to know that he was thinking about me while I was gone and wanted to do something for me. It was a perfect end to such a great day, and I went to sleep that night feeling so grateful and blessed. 

i mean, how cute is this?!

the hubs did good

Now that you know I have the full Spring Line of jewelry, you know who to call if you want to be hooked up with FREE BLING!!! I hope this post finds you all happy, healthy, and feeling blessed. Happy Friday friends, and have a fabulous weekend!!!

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