Monday, October 19, 2015

A Family Affair

This weekend was filled with lots of family, and it was awesome. I think it has been so easy to forget how important it is to spend time with family and friends. As we get older, life has been getting busier and busier, and that precious time spent with loved ones has began to dwindle. But this weekend we made it a point to spend time with those important to us, and it was a much needed recharge. 

On Friday, Nicole, Meagan and her husband Bernie made the trek over to Benicia to spend their Friday night with us, and it was so great! I could sit here and list all of the different jobs they work, school they go to, teams they coach, but we would be here forever. Needless to say, they are extremely busy. Apart from the bridal showers and weddings, we have found it really difficult to spend time with each other just for the heck of it. I honestly can't remember the last time we were able to sit on the couch, relax and catch up, all of us. Usually I am lucky enough to get one twin here, and the other twin there, so having them both together was a special treat! And since Bernie came into Meagan's life 8 years ago, he has been part of the family, so it was so special to have them over. It was a much needed veg night; we carved pumpkins, ate some snacks, caught up on life, ate some pumpkin pie, and were able to just relax. I'd chalk that up to a pretty fantastic Friday night! 

PS I learned something new about my husband-he had never carved a pumpkin before!! 
Say what?!?!
Before the crazy carving sesh started

Mike is taking this pumpkin carving thing seriously

Artists from l to r: The Juarez's, Nicole, Kendra, Michael 
Had to get a pic with the whole gang!

Saturday night was filled with more family! We haven't really seen my parents for an extended amount of time since the wedding, so we made the drive to Castro Valley to see them. It was pretty dreary out, so we wore our sweats (or in my case, the blardigan), hung out on the couch, pigged out on food and watched some awesome baseball. It was so nice to get to just spend some quality time, which seemed to be the theme of the weekend! 

Not a flattering pic of me, but love how my new little fam is all snuggled on one couch together

We picked up Bubs' Halloween costume, run for your lives!

Gosh I love that pups
We have a running joke in my family about my brother. He is always sooo busy, whether it be work, school, or rehearsing for a show, he is never home. And when he is, he is always sleeping. Kid you not, each time we are over there, he is sleeping, anywhere, whether it be the chair, the couch, the stairs…yes, the stairs…So Mike and I have begun this prank that each time he falls asleep, one of us jumps in a photo with him…Nick is not a fan of this joke...

And on Sunday, we rounded out our weekend with family with a birthday lunch for my father in law! We met my sister in law, her husband, and their 2 adorable kiddos at BJ's, and pigged out on mozzarella sticks, pizza, and pizzookies-doesn't get much better than that!   

The whole gang
 So all in all, it was a fantastic weekend spent with family, and it was just what we needed! What were you up to this weekend? Would love to hear! I hope it was as filled with love and joy as I was so blessed to have :)

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