Thursday, October 15, 2015

# Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Well friends, we made it! I am very happy to see Friday make its way back around! Let's check out some of my Friday Favorites this week!

It was a beautiful week here in Benicia, and my 4th graders had an amazing few days, so we decided it was time to explore the new playground equipment! One of my students was swinging alone on the swings, so I decided to join him for a couple trips up and down. This was my view for a minute…

Swings, blue skies, and my sweet sweet 4th graders, life doesn't get better than that
I am a happy girl and just received a couple new jewelry pieces (ladies, you know how this small little thing can make one oh so happy)! Since October is Breast Cancer Month, I decided to pair my classic black and white top with some of my pink jewelry! 

Blouse: Loft Jeans: Nordstrom Booties: Nordstrom Bling: Premier Designs
My husband is my favorite. Since I get out of school at 3:00 every day, I cook dinner for us every night. Mike knows how much I hate to do dishes (seriously, I would do 5 loads of laundry over doing one night's dishes), so after he's done eating, he always heads straight to the sink and tackles the dishes for us. Even after working a long, 10 hour day, he still does this small, selfless gesture that means the world to me. I am one lucky lady. 

Paparazzi Shot!
One more style shot! Thursday was the first day in soooo long that it FINALLY started to feel like Fall! So I was stoked to bust out my sweater and booties this week! I am so looking forward to when it cools off a little bit more so I can live in my boots and scarves. Ladies, I know I am not alone in this! So, yes, being able to wear my fall clothes is my favorite. 

Sweater: Buckle Jeans: Nordstrom Bling: Premier Designs Booties: Cathy Jean
Baking on weekends is my favorite! Check out my recipe for these tasty mini apple turnovers!

Happy Friday Friends!! What are you up to this weekend? We have dates with both sides of the family, gonna be busy! I hope ya'll have a great weekend!!! 

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