Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Sunday Funday

This past Sunday was such a fun day! (See what I did there?) I mean, good friends, sweet wine, fall treats and some bling bling, how can you go wrong?? I hosted my renewal show for my Premier Designs Jewelry Business and some of my girlfriends came out to support me! It was such a relaxing day; they came over, shopped for some jewelry, grubbed on some food, caught up on life, what more can you ask for to end your weekend?? It means so much to me that these ladies drove from all over to support me, it really made me stop and think how thankful I am to have such fabulous women in my life! 

Here are some quick pics of my jewelry spread from Saturday, including some sweet treats I whipped up. You can find the mini apple turnover recipe on Tasty Tuesday!

I mean, bling, sweets and wine, what's not to love?!
So, I'm going to rewind to a post I did a few months back, let's take a little pop quiz, shall we?

Alright people, I need you to sit down for this one and answer these few questions for me:

1. Are you looking for new and simple ways to pump up your wardrobe?

2. Would you love to have your own personal stylist to help you put together adorable looks?

3. Would you like an excuse to have a girls night?

4. Do you love FREE jewelry?

If you answered YES to any of these 4 questions (and let's be real, I know ya'll answered yes to #4), then listen here chicas! I have the answer to help you obtain not one, but ALL of these things…FOR FREE!!! And the answer is…ME! Yep, just little old me. You didn't think the answer would be so simple, did ya? This girl right here can help you pump up your wardrobe, help you style adorable looks, entertain you and your girlfriends, AND give you free bling! Before you spontaneously combust from all of this good news, let me tell you how this works!

All you have to do is tell me you would like to host a jewelry party and the rest is ivory. Once we get a date on the calendar, I show up at your house, set up my bling collection, do a little speel on how to wear some of the fabulous pieces, you get to play with every piece in my collection, and at the end of the night-you will receive your pick of free jewelry!…Do I have your attention now? Yes? Good :)

Here are a couple of perks of having a jewelry party hosted by yours truly:

1. It's the perfect opportunity for a girls night! Invite your girlfriends over from some small bites, some beverages, and quality time - YES PLEASE!

2. You get to shop for quality jewelry in the comfort of your own home! No stresses of fighting the masses in the mall to get a look at a pair of earrings with someone hovering right over you, this is a much more intimate environment

3. You have your own professional stylist giving your advice! I absolutely love this jewelry, and I love any excuse to dress you up and make your favorite outfit complete with some bling. I can show you multiple ways to wear the pieces and will help pick out pieces that suit your own personal style

4. This may be the best perk yet…you have the opportunity to earn TONS of FREE jewelry (and let's be real, who doesn't love free bling?!) You can earn this simply by hosting a show, that is it. There is no retail requirement, you are not forced to buy a single piece, this will simply be given to you for hosting a party. Amazing right?! 

5. Lastly, it is ABSOLUTELY FREE to host! You don't have to drop a penny to host a show, all you half to do is invite some girls over, and your job is done. Easy Peezy (as my 4th graders would say)

It is super easy and will make for a great night! I am so passionate about this business venture, the products, and getting the chance to cultivate relationships with my hostesses. Once you host a party with me, you will be part of Kendra's VIP Club, which means you will receive special perks even better than what I mentioned above! Even if you live far away-fear not! We can have catalog shows which doesn't even require me to come to home, you will earn free bling remotely!

So in closing, you totally should book a jewelry party with me. Let's just chalk it up to being a decision that will not only be good for your wallet, but good for your soul! If you are interested, comment below or contact me directly and we can chat about more information!!

Check out my personal website to access our catalogs so you can take a look at our fabulous jewelry. 

I hope this post got you as excited as I am about this business adventure! And I really hope to be able to come to your house and spoil you with a party! Please, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me for details! 


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