Monday, November 9, 2015

Lights Camera Action!

Happy Monday Friends!…said no one ever. Just kidding. I hope you all had a relaxing and refreshing weekend and am ready to start another week! 

Friends, I'm warning you now…there is going to be a lot of bragging today, because folks, I am just so dang proud of my little brother, and all of the other amazing actors in this amazing play! Read on at your own risk...

Saturday was such a great day. My not-so-little brother was starring in a theatre production of Love Labour's Lost, a contemporary Shakespeare musical (yeah, I didn't get what that meant either, but it was amazing!). And yes, you heard that correctly, he was STARRING in a theatre production! And no one is more proud than I am. 

Let me back up a little bit. A long, long time ago, back when I was a senior in high school, (I'm totally dating myself with this) I decided to do something that I had never done before, and that was audition for the High School Musical (if only Zac Efron would appear every time I said that), and it made it even more special that the musical they were putting on was Grease! (I had a phase in 3rd grade where I wanted nothing more than to be Sandra Dee, but I'll save that for another post) My brother had always been an athlete, so it surprised me when he told me that he wanted to audition too. He was only a sophomore at the time, so that was a big deal, and I was so proud that he was going to put himself out there like that when rejection is pretty much the name of the game in acting. God was definitely looking out for us, because we were both casted, and I am so grateful that I was able to share something so special with my brother before I graduated high school. 

Throwin it back to 07 baby!

Because I was a senior and can't carry a tune to save my life, (seriously, I can't even sing Happy Birthday on key) Grease ended my acting career. But my brother caught the bug, and it has stuck, all these years. He has put in so much time into so many different shows, and had to work really hard. Because of his inexperience, his first couple of years he was always part of the Ensemble cast, and that could be really discouraging to some. But through lots of years of singing lessons, working along some really great actors, and never giving up on his passion, he has finally been snagging some lead roles. And no one is more deserving. Some of his credits include, West Side Story, Rent, Fiddler on the Rood, Hairspray, Caberet, Singing in the Rain, Rooster in Annie, and now, he is the King in Love Labour's Lost. 

And he absolutely kills it. Complete with boy band numbers, a strip tease serenade, and a love story with the Princess. Yes, you heard that right, all of those things are in this production. This was such a fun show and something completely different! All of the dialogue is written in Shakespearean prose and all of the songs are modern, which makes it a really fun mash up. The plot in a nut shell is the King (yep, that's my little bro!) and his three cronies are swearing off girls and other vices for their three years in college. Then enter the beautiful girls who do what they do best, make those men weak in the knees and make themselves look like complete nuts. 

The amazing cast!

The acting was awesome, the singing was phenomenal, and the overall experience was two thumbs up. I highly commend those brave souls who can get up on stage and just completely give themselves to the audience, and I always enjoy my time at the theatre, and this show definitely delivers!

The Fam Bam supporting our man!

So there you have it folks. Growing up, I think Nick used to look up to me a little bit, given that I was the big sister. but now that we are both older, and I see what an amazing human being he is, I can honestly say that I look up to him. I am so blessed to call him my brother and I am so incredibly proud of the man that he has become.

His biggest fan!

Whew! Thank you so much for enduring that gush fest! It was a great weekend being able to support my brother alongside my family, and Mike and I even took our holiday card photos and got those ordered! So it was definitely a productive weekend. 

Getting home at midnight is waaaay past our bedtime, so Bubs decided he'd drive us home

I'm actually feeling a little under the weather so here's to hoping I can nip this cold in the bud soon before all of the holiday festivities begin! 

Wishing you a wonderful week! 

*And because my brother inspires me to be a better human being, today I'm taking part in Inspire Me Mondays! So I'm linking up with Kori, CJ, Emily, Janice, Erin, Bridget and Amanda!*


  1. That's so awesome for your brother! And girl, dating yourself in HS in '07?! I was out of college in '07, ha!
    Hope you get to feeling better soon!

    1. Haha so you're only a couple years older than me! It's just so crazy how it seems like it was just yesterday, but it was really 8 years ago! Blows my mind :)
      Thank you so much for the well wishes! :)

  2. Haha I cannot carry a single tune either - wish I could! What a fun experience for you!

    1. Haha God gave me some awesome qualities, but singing was definitely not one of them! Glad I'm not the only one to admit that! :) Hope you have a great week!


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