Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Backstreet's Back ALRIGHT!

Alright friends. I am about to relive my childhood with you. And let me tell you, it. was. AWESOME! A couple months ago, my mom and I had lunch together and we realized that we have never taken a Mother-Daughter trip together. When I told her that Backstreet Boys were performing in Vegas, we quickly decided we should needed to take a Vegas Girls Trip! Now, let me give you a little background. I was in about 4th grade when I quickly became an N*Sync and BSB addict. And when I mean an addict, I can still, 20 years later, tell you the track listing on all of their CD's because I listened to them so often. Please don't judge, we all have our quirks, ok? I was blessed when I was younger that I was able to go to a Spice Girl concert, Britney Spears, OTown, and TWO N*Sync concerts, but friends, I had never been to a Backstreet Boys concert as a little girl, so we definitely needed to make up lost time. So off to Vegas we went!

And let me tell you, it was fantastic! I had only been to Vegas once before, and I was only there for a little over 24 hours, so I don't really count that trip. But my mom and I decided to do this trip right! We booked a room at the Paris, and asked for an upgrade, and ya'll, look at this view!

22nd Floor Baby!
Nothin Like Vegas at Night!
My cousin and her family live in Vegas, so she picked us up from the airport, and we had lunch with her and her kiddos at their house, and it was so fun to spend some time with them. After we unpacked, we spent our first night in our casino, and played the slots, had some sushi, and hit the hay pretty early so we could be totally refreshed for our full day in Vegas. We woke up the next morning and went straight down to the pool, trying to get some lounge time before it got toooo hot. And it was great. We got in the water every 15 minutes, got some sun, ordered lunch from the pool bar-we felt pretty blessed. 

View from my lounge chair at the pool
After our time at the pool, went we began our primping for the concert. And friends, I had my first Dry Bar experience, and I am officially a fan! We decided that what better way to do a Girls Trip right was to get pampered! For those of you who aren't familiar with Dry Bar, you basically go in there, tell your stylist what kind of style you want, and they wash, dry and style your hair! Best thing ever. So after we were primped and ready, we headed across the street to the Cosmo for dinner, and we said to ourselves, "we fancy!" We enjoyed a great dinner and then finally headed over to Planet Hollywood to the concert!

My beautiful Mama!
She insisted on taking a photo of me...
Love her so much

So once we got into the venue, we met up with my cousin and her friend who were able to get tickets to the concert, and were anxiously awaiting the start of the concert!
Quick Pic at the Cosmo

Loved meeting up with my beautiful cousin Sandy!
Now it was time for the main event! And friends, IT WAS WORTH WAITING 20 YEARS FOR!!! The vocals were amazing, the lights were so cool, and the energy was just out of this world! They sang all their hits, my mom and I sang along like we were back in the year 2000. Sharing this experience with my mom was more than I ever could have asked for, it was one of the greatest times we've spent together.

We are already talking about planning our next Girls Trip, and I can't wait. It's times like these that remind me how truly blessed I am.

One last picture from our seats!

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