Wednesday, January 7, 2015

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Work Out Wednesday

Well friends, it is the Year of the Wedding!! Holy cow, let me say that again after I pinch is the Year of the WEDDING!!! I can't believe it, to think in 8 short months, it will be here! And you know what that is serious butt kicking time. Aka bridal bootcamp aka shedding for the wedding aka get fit Kendra! Whatever you want to call it, it means this chick needs to get on a steady gym and healthy diet routine, stat. So I thought, what better way to keep myself accountable and pass along what works to you wonderful people, it would be a win win for everyone.

As mentioned in my New Years Resolution post, one of my resolutions is to work out at least 4 times a week. Now, I don't know about you, but as much as I love to be active, it is really hard to get on a workout routine and stick to it, especially when you are so busy. But I have found a couple tricks that have already helped and have gotten me excited about the Kick Butt Kendra I have embraced: 

1. Select days and times that work for you
In the past, I would only go to the gym 'if I felt like it', but let's be real, whoever really feels like it? So now I have picked set days and times to go, that way penciling it into my day as if it were a meeting or an obligatory event I had to attend, I would go. 

2. Check out the workout class schedule 
As mentioned above, I have chosen specific times to go, and right now, it is based around the fitness class schedule my gym offers. I'm alternating going to Spin Classes and Body Sculpt classes, which has given me a great balance of instructed cardio and weight training. On the days I go to Spin, I'll do weight training on my own, usually abs and legs. On the days I go to my Sculpt Classes, I make sure to do at least 30 minutes of cardio on my own either before or after the class. This has not only helped get me to the gym because I have specific classes to make, but I also know I am getting a solid workout in because I'm mixing it up

3. Shower at the gym 
I know some of you may be shaking your head going 'nuh uh no way.' But trust me, this has changed my whole mindset of going to the gym! I tend to go to the gym in the morning, and before, I would leave the gym and run my errands while I was all sweaty and I just felt gross all day. But now, I shower at the gym and it has given me a new sense of refreshment! Even if I don't wash my hair, I'll rinse off, get all clean, toss my hair up into a messy bun, change into my clean clothes and be ready for the day. It saves me so much time instead of going home, showering, going back out to do errands, it is a one stop shop and I leave the gym feeling so accomplished and refreshed! 

4. Don't get discouraged about your workout
I used to beat myself up when I would leave the gym and think 'I could have ran 10 more minutes,' or 'I could have lifted more' and would leave feeling discouraged. But instead of beating yourself up, be proud that you got your butt there! Whatever you did during your workout was more than you would have done sitting on the couch (insert Kendra sitting on the couch watching The Bachelor grubbin on a box of Cheez Its). So give yourself a pat on the back for getting there, it will all pay off in the end 

5. Go to the gym for YOU
I know I'm making a big deal of losing a couple pounds for this wedding of mine, but that shouldn't be and isn't my only motivation. Going to the gym is a lifestyle change and is something that makes me happy. I can totally see a difference in myself when I am on a solid gym routine versus when I am not. I tend to have more energy, sleep better, and am all around more productive. So don't just go to the gym because you want to see the scale drop, go because it makes you a better you 

In terms of diet...well I'll update you as we go along. Mike and I received a Ninja for Hanukkah from his parents and we've been making smoothies like its nobodies business. I'll post a few of our favorite recipes next week. I'm also going to be trying this detox water...I'll let you know how that one turns out too...

All in all, I know many of us are trying to get on the workout bandwagon, so let's all do it together and encourage each other! Have any fun workout tips, del free to post them in the comments-every little bit helps!! 

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